Holleman is specialist in industrial relocations, industrial handling and installation, the specific processes to these activities being:

  • collecting first information from the client;
  • inspecting the place of the future project;
  • conceiving the manner of approach of the project and submitting the offer;
  • planning the necessary staff and equipment;
  • coordination of the project with the client;
  • starting the operations of disconnecting from agents (power, water, gas, oil etc;)
  • dismantling or removing from foundation;
  • transportation to the loading area;
  • packing and loading on the trailer the equipment or the dismantled parts;
  • road or combined transportation;
  • unloading, installation, positioning and adjustment;
  • putting the equipment into operation;
  • getting the confirmation document of the executed job.

The moving of the equipment or some production lines can be done within the same building or from a building to another, located in the same town, country and of course in different countries.

Holleman is equipped with all necessary equipment in order to execute such operations: cranes of different types and capacities, mobile hydraulic gantries, hydraulic jacks etc.

Our authorized specialists take over the equipment in working condition (measure their parameters, perform sets of samples), they are disconnecting and dismantling them; afterwards they handle and prepare the parts for transportation. At the destination, all activities are performed backwards, until putting the relocated equipment into operation. The necessary equipment to execute such operations – cranes, hydraulic portals, winches, forklifts, trolley rollers – belong to Holleman company and are certified based on the legislation in force.

Through qualified staff, exceptional equipment and know-how we can respond to requests of assembling specific parts of the industrial equipment, such as:

  • replacements of the existent means of production;
  • new investments in industrial equipment (most of the time they are delivered by parts);
  • repairs of different industrial equipment of special dimensions and weights.

Based on the documentation, our specialists from different fields (mechanic, electric, hydraulic, automation) perform the necessary planning, followed by the installation of the equipment.

We provide optimum solutions also for the handling of industrial equipment, of petrochemical equipment or for thermal power plants with our own handling equipment.

Our services of industrial relocations by using cranes are offered for a limited period.  It is important that such projects to be requested in due time in order to perform the necessary preparations, to view the work space and to respond as adequately as possible to the client.

Our well-trained and experienced staff is CINCIR (TUV equivalent) authorized, and according to the legislation in force; the crane is responsible for handlings up to the hook level, while the client is responsible for:

  • providing relevant cables or elevation slings;
  • ensuring potential lifting devices (shackles, clevis, lifting traverses;

On the demand of the customer, we can make available lifting devices, such as cables, slings, shackles etc.

Among the operations performed with hydraulic gantries and high capacity crane, we mention:

  • loading, unloading, transshipment;
  • removal / inserting in / from foundations of different equipment (hydraulic presses, printing equipment, production lines etc);
  • placing on platforms of heavy equipment (transformers, generators, turbines);
  • moving equipment from one position to another;
  • passing from vertical to horizontal or vice versa of equipment during transportation (vertical hydraulic presses, reactors, columns etc).