The oversized and heavy transportation on internal and international routes, with different types of trailers and tractors is the Holleman’s core business for more than 20 years on the Romanian market.
We have the necessary equipment, knowledge and human resources and thus, we are able to offer transportation of very heavy and over-dimensioned loads, using our own trailers manufactured by top companies, such as Goldhofer, Broshuis, Faymonville, Meusburger etc.

We also own the most diverse and complex motor vehicle fleet in Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia with strong and non-polluting 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×4 tractors  and modern trailers, specialized with 3, 4 or more axes, extensible, with troughs for equipment on wheels or gondola type, with detachable neck, adequate for the transportation of agricultural and earthmoving machineries, loading/unloading operations being much facilitated. The heaviest loads are transported on Goldhofer big capacity modular trailers.

The special transportation requires careful coordination and exceptional logistics and it is performed with specific equipment, satisfying the highest capacity and safety requirements.

The entire fleet meets the European standards of environmental protection and every transport contracted is insured.
The most practiced routes by Holleman are connecting Western Europe and Eastern Europe with extension to Western Asia.

Our clients come from industries with a very large geographical distribution area and variety of products, asking us for transport services of different abnormal machineries and equipment from fields such as constructionsagriculture, beerhouses, windmills, drilling, steam power plants, hydropower stations etc.

They choose Holleman, due to proved seriousity over the years, great communication and accomplished duties.

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