In Romania, Holleman started its activity of internal and international oversized and heavy transportation, in 1997. Nowadays, Holleman is a Romanian-German joint-venture, in equal shares. The German partner is Peter Schwandner Logistik & Transport GmbH.

In 2006, the company extended in Bulgaria (Rousse) and Serbia (Belgrade), and one year later, the branch in Moldova (Chisinau) opened. The expansion continued in 2008 with a new branch in Hungary (Budapest) and in 2009 in Ukraine (Dnipropetrovs'k), giving a new dimension and important progress to the business.

Currently, Holleman is well known as the most important company in the industry of oversized and heavy transportation in Romania and all Eastern Europe.

The leader position in the oversized transportation industry is determined by the exploitation of the most performing and specialized motor vehicle fleet in this geographical area, result of the highest investment in the field. Last but not least, Holleman has a dedicated, skilled and experienced team of specialists.

Our distinguished image is given by the qualitative services, seriousness and observance of promises towards our worldwide clients; we sequentially believe in professionalism and we are strongly maintaining the passion for our activity.

The operation of an integrated software program, specially conceived for internal business processes, provides us a competitive advantage on the market and offers major benefits to our clients and partners: communication flow, excellent management of orders, reduction of the time assigned to the actions involved and control.

Besides the operations of special transport and project cargo, Holleman undertakes complementary activities through specialized divisions, such as:

  • Heavy lift,  industrial relocations and mounting;
  • Cranes rental;
  • Installation of wind mills;
  • Normal goods transports;
  • Trucks and coaches workshop / service for 3rd parties:
  • Agricultural production.

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