In order to respond to the highest requirements of our clients, to create and to develop long-term strong partnerships and to execute oversized transportations even towards the most remote corners of Europe, Holleman is permanently investing in a specific fleet. We have the largest, diversified and the most performing vehicles park in the industry of special haulage (oversized and overloaded) in the country and all Eastern Europe.

The majority of tractors are modern and powerful, manufactured mainly by Mercedes Benz; we also have tractors from DAF, Scania and Volvo. The trailers are purchased from Goldhofer, Broshuis, Recker, Meusburger and Faymonville and are of several kinds:

  • of high capacity, with multiple and modular axels, Goldhofer brand;
  • with single, double or triple extendible platform, with a length up to 54m;
  • with low platform, at 20 – 55 cm over the ground;
  • with extensible metallic frames, without deck (vessel-bridge);
  • with turntables for the transportation of long and heavy loads on two trailers;
  • different combinations between the above elements.

Holleman equipments