The “stars” were three reactors used in refinery cracking each with a length of 18.45 m, 3,6 m wide and 4,2 m high. Each one weighed 108 tones. Several smaller packages were transported in standard trucks.

Due to the size of the cargo and route requirements two reactors came in first, each on a special trailer, with the third coming in later. For each moved piece, Goldhofer special modular trailers were used along with Mercedes, Titan and Volvo tractor heads. Modular Goldhofer trailers have 8 wheels on each axel.

Holleman’s special team task was picking up the freight from their storage in Constanta, lifting, securing and transporting to the refinery. Each reactor was shipped in, unloaded onto the pier and prepared for road transportation.

Check out a short video of the transport here.


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