For this recent project, Holleman planned a multimodal solution, the integral road transport not being possible, due to the high height of the oversized goods. Dimensions of this Yankee dryer: 650 x 480 x 480cm, weighing 61 tons.

Thus, it was loaded on a special vessel bridge trailer in Hungary (Tiszakecske), the road transport being made to Dunavecse Port. Here, we transhipped the goods with a high capacity mobile crane (450 tons) on the river barge that moved to Constanta Port, where we unloaded it on the quay with the port cranes.

Subsequently, the goods were loaded and moored by sea, and the sea transport was made from Constanta to Thessaloniki Port. Arriving at the port, it was again transhipped on a special trailer, and then the oversized transport was made by road to the paper factory in Katerini city, this being the final destination.

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