Did you know that Holleman transported over 1500 wind turbines all over Europe?

European states want to implement smart and efficient energy sources and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. Natural gas and coal represent the past as energy sources. The future of business and household energy will develop on solar, wind, electric and hydrogen sources.

These is much hope regarding alternative energy sources to fossil fuel. Wind power seems to be quite popular for years and it comes as no surprise to see so many wind turbine parks in different European countries. The coming years will register an increase in wind energy solutions, with interesting projects and much-anticipated evolution of the technology.

The impressive power of wind

Projects with wind turbines are located in locations with strong winds. Dobrogea region, located in Romania, is known for its wind capabilities. This is probably why you will find at Fantanele, the biggest wind turbine farm in the Europe. Fantanele alone has 216 wind turbines at work with installed energy of over 540 MW. According to the latest statistics, it seems that Romania is home to over 25 big wind turbine parks, with impressive investments of more than 3 billion euros. The country is serious about wind energy, which is a step forward in the fight against climate change.

Still, Germany has the most cumulative wind power in Europe, due to its modern wind farm infrastructure. One of its largest wind farms, The Gode Windfarms, have an impressive capacity of 582 MW. Spain, United Kingdom, France and Italy have a wide diversity of wind farms, with different capacities to produce energy. The trend to build more wind farms is self-explanatory and a breath of fresh air in a world built on fossil fuel.

The need for professional transport services in Europe

In Romania, Holleman is a leader in the heavy transport industry, with vast experience in transporting wind turbines and components. From the very beginning, our aim was to deliver performance during all projects, irrespective of their complexity. We have a strict commitment towards success and client satisfaction. Given that most clients have expensive cargo to transport, we make it our top priority to deliver the best results possible.

It is not a surprise to see so many firms collaborate with Holleman in order to transport wind turbines in and out of Romania. Most companies want to work with professionals with a clean and positive history. Due to our collaborations with European companies, it is not surprising to see a recurrent clientele.

Why should you collaborate with Holleman?

When it comes to wind turbine transport, you should work with experienced firms, with a clean history of projects completed on time and within approved parameters. Holleman demonstrated over 1500 times that it could handle a wide range of transports. Our specialists have the knowledge and expertise required to deliver performance. Taking into account the value of each cargo, Holleman specialists work with precision to make sure that everything goes right. Some of the projects that included transport of wind turbines and components included routes from all over Europe. Would you like to know more about our projects? Let us list some of them:

  • 2014 – 2016, we transported in Germany 12 wind turbines in Krafttisried, 12 in Gerolsbach, 15 in Kurzen Trechow, 40 in Wangen, 19 in Chransdorf, 6 in Dassel, 8 in Ottweiller, 5 in Himmelwald and 2 in Ahrensfelde. In Austria, we had to transport 33 wind turbines in various locations. Our transports included 24 turbines in Trautmannsdorf, 15 in Pillichsdorf, 17 in Bruck and der Leitha and 14 in Ollersdorf.
  • Shipment of wind turbine components maritime route Denmark to Holland;
  • We worked with a client, in Romania, that asked us to transport, between 2021 and 2013, 24 WTGs from Braila port to Constanta Nord port (Midia) and other 73 from Constanta port to Kogalniceanu.

A wind turbine transport is complex but our specialists always manage to implement the right plan of action. When it comes to such a project, our team has to find the optimal space for blades, gearbox, generators, nacelles, towers and rotors (among other components). We have a dedicated logistics department that studies with attention the components of the transport and drafts a smart plan to follow. There are blades with length of over 45 meters that weigh around 6000 kilograms. We transport them with specialized trucks with trailers. Towers can have heights that vary from 60 to 80 meters.

Each component of the wind turbine represents a priority because they are part of a whole. This is why our transport team works hard to deliver the best results possible. We believe in ensuring the safety of each transport. As a result, Holleman specialists undergo tests on the field in order to make sure that the selected trucks and trailers can handle the load. In addition, every year we invest in modern means of transport and manipulation. Today, Holleman has one of the biggest and most technologically advanced auto park in Eastern Europe.

The Constanta transport project: what are the steps of a wind turbine transport with us?

1. Unloading the wind turbine components from the transport vessels in the port, with the help of specialized equipment. We proceed in the same manner when we have to pick up a product from a stationary waypoint. In some cases, we could use high-performing cranes in order to sustain the weight of the tower sections of the turbines during loading and unloading.

2. Administrating the depositing area in Constanta harbor and ensuring an efficient transport of all turbines; we lay out a safe perimeter in order to undergo every activity. Our specialists organized all components in a logical manner to ensure their protection and suitable preparation for the next phase of the transport.

3. Loading the components in boats, in the working station Constanta South and organizing transport on the Danube river, until the destination or a close location, where the cargo is transported by truck and trailer;

4. Transporting the blades and other components of the turbines with the help of trucks and special trailers; we undergo a procedures test transport in order to optimize the route and verification of the whole spatial disposition of the transport; 

5. We unload the cargo in the drop-off point. Our team investigates and analyses all aspects of transport in order to make sure that everything is perfect.

After over 1500 transports of wind turbines in Europe, you develop the proper expertise to handle even the strictest of demands. We know how to handle every aspect of such a complex project. Along the years, Holleman worked with a wide range of firms. We confronted geographical and administrative particularities, which we overcame with ease. Discover how we can help your project grow and run without any problems whatsoever.

The power of repetitive success in Europe

There are many wind turbines in high demand right now. Some are perfect for home use while others for industrial purposes. People aspire to be independent from classical energy sources and so they turn to wind and solar technologies. A rural community can come together and invest in the acquisition and installation of a modern wind turbine. The road to energetic independence is clearer nowadays than ever. Holleman has successfully transported over 1500 wind turbines and components in different European states.

Firms that contracted our services to transport wind turbines from one country to another, know that we get the job done. If you have questions about our transport projects, contact us whenever you want. We are more than happy to discuss about them.

Do you have to transport wind turbines in Europe?

Contact us in order to receive a fair assessment of the transport and an appropriate price quote. Work with dedicated and experienced specialists that demonstrated their expertise on over 1500 of occasions. Our team is ready for a new challenge. Give us a chance to impress you!

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