In this article we will be focusing our attention especially on oversized transports and everything required on planning and realizing one. Throughout this content, we would like to answer all your questions and provide full answers regarding this certain transportation domain.

In order to move your freight, equipment, goods or machinery in the best conditions, while exceeding standard allowed weights and sizes, it is best to search for a company that can provide full oversized transport services. Not everyone in this domain will offer their clients full services like legal advice, document drafting and the planning of the best route.

It is highly important when choosing your business partner that he is willing to organize the oversized transport while regarding the laws imposed for freight moving. Experience in this domain and the number of satisfied clients are crucial. It is important that everyone providing this type of services to be able to handle any unforeseen situation that may appear during transport.

Although most will not understand but while acquiring special skill and knowledge, the ability to organize a route must not be left out.

Oversized transports - facts and information

In order to realize this type of transports all drivers must be certified. The complete name of the document is “Certificate for drivers carrying out road transport vehicles with overhanging masses and/or dimensions”.

For a successful collaboration it is best that you ask for proof of existence for this document, thus avoiding any problem that may subsequently appear. Breaking this law is considered a crime and will attract penalties.

We would like to always offer the guarantee of safety, thus we are constantly adapting to law requirements, and making a priority out of taking all legal actions for this. Regarding sanctions for breaking this law, only I.S.C.T.R. inspectors may enforce sanctions on the drivers and companies. It is forbidden loaning any type of vehicle to drivers that are not certified. This is a crime and will be sanctioned as so. Sanctions can be applied to individuals and legal entities.

If you find yourself in the situation where you need to transport oversized loads, but you do not know any suitable companies, we offer all our services and by so making all legal concerns disappear. This is only possible when having fully certified and responsible drivers.

Holleman heavy transport services

Having settled crucial aspects for this domain, in the following we will briefly present our services helping you know if we are the right answer to your needs.

What recommends us in this domain is our 20 years of experience. In this time we have worked with a diversity of clients that moved their oversized goods and freights in the best conditions. We want our services to be accessible thus opening branches in countries like Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Moldova.

A company that offers diversity in oversized transportation, not only within borders, but all over Europe is to be appreciated meaning all clients expectations have been fully met. We wanted and managed to reach this performance, at the moment owning all necessary equipment for oversized transportation, from tractor heads to specialized trailers.

So, if you ever find yourself in need of an efficient solution for this transportation category or other services mentioned on our website ( we await your requests, offering the best possible prices.

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