20 years in a company life has a certain meaning. We know, some companies have a lot more years of activity.

Holleman, itself, started in The Netherlands more than 80 years ago.

Still, we have been operating in Eastern Europe for already this many years and went through various stages, from a very small number of trailers to the level of today. 

From all points of view - number and variety of trailers, number of employees, turnover, and quality- we are leading the league of special transport and project cargo in the entire area.

It was not easy to reach this level; it is not easy to maintain it. Our competition is fierce and always different, playing more or less correct.

Our market changed and we adapted. 

I am glad to see at Holleman a team of colleagues that has been continuing the challenge along, all these past years. Many of them have been for 10 -19 or more years with us (drivers, mechanics, and office staff). Trailers we could buy, anyone could, but it is the people that remained at the heart of the company.

We just kept our promises and have been serious. Serious with ourselves, with our clients, authorities, suppliers etc. We tried to do clear jobs, in due time, to communicate well, to deliver the expected service. We proudly can look in the eyes of everyone interacting with us.

We embrace values such as health and safety, environment protection, community support, employees care. All these brought satisfaction and fulfillment not only to us, but also to our partners.

20 successful years, continuously, is a confirmation in itself and I thank you all!


George Nita, Managing Director & Founder of Holleman Romania.

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