Last week, Holleman was the main transporter of two high-capacity drilling rigs. They will be used for the construction of the new express road Craiova - Pitesti.

The two installations were loaded in Germany, arriving in Romania (Slatina), according to the organizational plan made by the Holleman planning and logistics team.

Each drilling rig weighs 72 and 79 tons, respectively, with dimensions of approx. 2390 x 330 x 360 cm.

The drilling rigs were loaded in Schrobenhausen, Germany on a specialized trailer and transported by road to Passau Port. Here, they were loaded on a river ship to Ruse, Bulgaria. In Ruse, the installations were again loaded on our trailers, being transported by road to the final destination near Slatina.

The river vessel transited in approx. 8 days more countries on the Danube route, such as: DE, AT, SK, HU, RS, RO, BG. We adopted a multimodal transport solution due to the large size, but at the same time being the most economical solution. The total transit was approx. 2 weeks.

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