Professional transport services of heavy construction equipment and machinery

In the last couple of years, the European real-estate market has grown exponentially. Most cities benefited from the attention of creative and insightful developers. The current rezidential and office projects require use of modern equipment and machinery in order to achieve the developers plans and ambitions. The Romanian real-estate industry makes no difference.

In Iasi, Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Constanta, Brasov and Timisoara, developers compete to deliver the best products possible. Most of them, in their expertise and knowledge, manage to create enduring and charming projects, perfect for families, couples and entrepreneurs. Developing a rural or an urban area requires well-defined plans and access to heavy construction equipment.

Experienced developers are fully aware of the requirenments of smart constructions. As a result, they tend to use professional transport services of heavy construction equipment and machinery in order to keep the projects on track.

Europeans have an aquired taste for modern construction projects. From homes to apartments, there is a need for elegance in real-estate, far from the old architectural patterns of the communist era. This is why most developers keep a close eye on possible opportunities to create something amazing, worth cherishing by new owners. On a construction site, there are a wide variety of machines, tools and equipments.  Fortunately, transporting them from one site to another, can be a difficult task.

Identifying the best firm that can provide transport services for construction projects

In Romania and other European countries, Holleman ensures professional transport services for construction firms. We had the distinct pleasure of working with different European construction companies. Each project was accompanied by challenges and obstacles, which were handled with smart solutions and a “can do” attitude. Our primary goal is to aid firms in their projects, by ensuring access to professional heavy transport services.

Expertise. Attention to details. A solid history of successful transport projects. In Romania, there are a growing number of construction sites, appearing in different locations (rural and urban). Most contractors collaborated with us on different occassions in order to transport various machinery where they needed. As you might imagine, transporting construction equipment and machinery through mountain areas (serpentines) can be a special effort, one that needs to be done with the utmost attention.

Constructing houses, building with apartments and other types of constructions, with distinct particularities, requires quick access to special machines, professional equipment and dedicated tools. Heavy construction equipment can’t be moved without the use of specialized means of transport. Holleman specialists understand the importance of transporting specialized machinery. They have the required experience in order to handle every aspect of a heavy transport project.

Even though it is not easy to manage the particularities of a project with heavy load construction, Holleman knows how to get the jobe done. When it comes to heavy duty vehicles, designed by manufacturers to execute with precission various construction tasks. Some of the most common tasks can include earthwork and building operations. Let’s go through some of the heavy machines and equipment that we transported during our last projects:

  • Dragline excavators
  • Bulldozers – Commonly used to clear land, move earth and other obstacles on work sites
  • Graders
  • Excavators – machines used by specialists to digg, handle various material and drill in specific locations
  • Wheel tractor scraper
  • Trenchers
  • Construction cranes – used to manipulate and relocate heavy objects, machines and materials – present in most construction sites
  • Compactors – specialists use them in order to create a level grade by compacting crushed rocks
  • Telehandlers – machine used to move and lift a wide variety of heavy materials
  • Dump trucks – Perfect for moving sand, gravel and also demolition waste; very useful on a busy work site
  • Paving Machines
  • Backhoes
  • Loaders
  • Motor Graters – usually used to creat flat surfaces and also road building

Holleman worked with a wide range of Romanian and European construction companies. Every client knows that we deliver performance. Each transport runs its course without any problems whatsover. It is important to us to be a trusted partner in every phase of the transport process. To this particular extent, Holleman goes the extra mile in order to deliver high performing results. Every single construction machinery and equipment comes with specific particularities. We take them into account during each transport.

We have a strong and experienced logistics department, where you will find seasoned specialists. They know how to handle every moment of the transport. Clients know that their transport is well cared for. The characteristics of each heavy machine or equipment transported are included in our logistics plan. Holleman specialists plan every inch of the projects, taking into consideration various factors. Some of them may include:

  • Weight, length and height of the item transported
  • Distance of the transport
  • Terrain
  • Type of means of transport selected for the project

In order to manage the complexities of any construction equipment transport, we use some of the best vehicles and equipment possible. Our fleet includes some of the best and modern trucks, tractors and trailers. We invested in models from Mercedes Benz, DAF, Scania and Volvo. When it comes to trailers, we bought them from well-respected producers like Goldhofer, Recker, Broshuis, Faymonville and Meusburger. Our analysts were keen on identifying trailers capable of supporting different weights.

Some of the trailers used to manage heavy machines or big loads may be Goldhofer with high capacity (multiple and modular axes); with extendible platform (single, double or triple) that can reach a length by up to 54 m; low platform with capabilities of 20 to 55 cm over the ground; with extendible metallic frames; with turntables optimal for transporting heavy and long loads on two trailers (quick example: wind turbines components). Depending on the project’s characteristics, we may opt to combine the elements presented above in order to ensure proper transport conditions.

Our goal is to make sure that everything runs according to plan. If by any chance, problems appear during the transport, we know how to handle them. Transporting various loads and construction machines or equipment can be done with our state-of-the-art trailers. Every client benefits from our full attention and professionalism.

Professionalism and European efficiency in heavy construction transports

Heavy transport projects are challenging, and yet we manage to meet them with professionalism and intelligent solutions. Clients know that Holleman will get the job done. We offer respect, solid transport power and high performing results. Transport projects can be organised from the actual takeover and planning of the project and to the actual process. Holleman can take the products from the construction fabric or producer and then take them to the worksites.

Flexibility is important in all transport projects. This is why we encourage clients to be transparent and clear with their demands. Clients will receive our full solutions and costs. 100% transparency.

Even the most complex heavy transport project can be succesfully completed, especially if you work with Holleman. For short and long drives, we have seasoned drivers, with years of experience in the heavy transport industry. They use our trucks and trailers to perfection and as such, all transport loads reach their destination without any problems whatsover. As a leader in the heavy transport industry, Holleman invests in the development of modern equipment and personal training.

Optimising construction transports in the European Union

A wide range of construction projects benefited from our transport experience. We were able to transport machines, equipment and heavy tool from one location to another, irrespective of the distance. Every heavy load reached its destination without any problems whatsoever. Satisfied customers become long-time partners, using our services every single time they have a new construction site or need to relocate heavy products or loads. Fortunately, Holleman has the optimal means of transport in order to respond to challenges.

Given that most heavy loads are quite expensive, Holleman works hard to secure everything and undergo the transport activity under the strictest of rules. We have a strong work ethic that binds us to seek perfection in everything we undergo.

If you have a construction project that would benefit from our transport services, contact us by using the online form or by sending an e-mail at! Let’s work together!

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